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L8 Legionella Logbook & Control Scheme

Legionella Control Services

Evolution Air & Water Hygiene Services offer a full spectrum of ACOP L8 legionella control services for planned preventative of contaminated water. After each service has been performed, records are documented using a logbook and presented back to the client. However, before any remedial works are instructed to take place a legionella risk assessment must be carried out on the specified area to highlight any problem areas found, which will highlight the need for a monitoring control scheme.

Whilst the control measures are being achieved, a logbook is required to record data during monitoring visits, it will document the routine monitoring and management tasks implemented to manage your water systems safely. It is important to emphasise that the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice details the requirement for a site legionella logbook to be established and that the legionella logbook be readily available for review and inspection. This is particularly important if a legionella outbreak was to occur.

Our Service

Below are all works we undertaken follow HSG-274 and ACOP L8, ensuring that these are adhered to with our legionella control scheme and hygiene logbook.

Please see below for Cold-Water Storage Tank, Calorifier, Thermostatic Mixing Valve, Hot Water Systems & Cold-Water System operational tasks:

–      Cleaning and disinfections of CWSTS (Yearly, unless a legionella positive sample is acquired through lab analysis. Or that a CWST survey shows that there is heavy sediment and scaling in the tank.)

–      Cleaning and disinfections of showerheads & hoses (Quarterly)

–      Cleaning and disinfection of scaled domestic / low use taps & outlets

–      Cleaning and disinfection of TMV’s on site, along with TMV failsafe checks beforehand to check if a clean is needed.

–      Weekly flushing of low use outlets (Can also be carried out by onsite maintenance after training.)

–      Temperature checks of HWS and CWS random outlets on site. This also includes sentinel points.

–      Inspections and surveys of Cold-water storage tanks, Calorifiers and TMV’s (6 monthly)

–       Annual hot cylinder & calorifier disinfection & 6 monthly calorifier blowdown.

–      Sampling of all water system’s on site. Including HTG heating closed systems and CHW chilled water systems. All samples are analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory. Sample procedures vary depending on type of analysis.

–      Closed system dosing using dosing pot, of inhibitors and biocides on HTG and CHW systems on site. This is usually carried out after acquiring closed system a sample results that would show low levels.

–      Legionella risk assessments (Yearly). Some sites would use task only risk assessments instead of a full site assessment.

–      Tank replacement and tank relining.

–      Installation of any ball valves that need replacing on CWST’s

Nathan Bal
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We use EAWHS for all of our air and water hygiene work and have done for many years.

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We utilise EAWHS for their specialist water treatment services on a number of sites. They always deliver!

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Evolution Air & Water Hygiene Services have worked closely with us on a number of projects in the south east, the service we are provided with is second to none.

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Our ventilation system and water outlets needed to be tested and disinfected after some neglect. A full survey was carried out with explanations of problem areas showing clarity and good understanding

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Specialist within the hygiene industry with a meticulous eye for detail, these are the reasons why we chose EAWHS every time.

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EAWHS always exceed our expectations for the maintenance of our offices. Always pleasure, never a chore to deal with.

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